Nonprofits Need to Stand Together to Push for Smart Public Policies

NAO would like to draw your attention to an important article published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy by our colleagues Tim Delaney and David Thompson at the National Council of Nonprofits. As part of the NAO network, you are connected to the national network that the Council of Nonprofits represents. The Chronicle has graciously allowed this article to be viewed and shared without subscription, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and get acquainted with the Chronicle for insightful articles on nonprofit issues. Learn more.

National Council of Nonprofits Ramps Up Federal Policy Engagement

The first 100 days of a new Administration and trifecta government in Washington will require swift and strategic action to protect the ability of nonprofits to advance their missions for people in local communities across the country. The National Council of Nonprofits, informed by its policy work at the federal, state, and local levels and its grassroots network – the largest in the country, with more than 25,000 nonprofit members – has analyzed what the elections will mean for nonprofit missions and already started ramping up to meet the forthcoming federal policy challenges and opportunities. Learn more.

Overtime rule delay, federal spending bill, and charitable deductions

What should nonprofits do now that they have made plans around the new overtime rule? Meanwhile, at the federal level, the incoming Trump administration has already floated a revised tax reform plan that limits the deductions taxpayers may take, including the deduction for charitable contributions. Learn more.